Our Journey


The India inspired art you see here started with nifty print collections called Potpurri, Msafari and Cultural Sprinkles featuring aesthetically framed shots of objects from Indian rituals, festivals, textiles and flowers. Viewers often wondered if they are prints or paintings—a testimony to Kavita’s immaculate creativity. 

She forayed into acrylics with ‘Lady with Yellow Saree and a Lamp Element’ her first canvas painting, using imperfect brushstrokes. It was part of the ‘What Women Want Collection’.

Over the years, she has transitioned to a color palette of earth-tones, muted soft pastels, bright pinks and oranges, with lots of layering and textures, using intuition and intention. We see this in Color Crush and Nature. Her style has evolved to being more modern and abstract, adding a touch of elegance to your walls.